Guts, Grit, & the Grind

Guts, Grit, & The Grind

Guts, Grit & the Grind: MENtal Mechanics MANual is self-help book series with stories, science, and strategy to help men build a life worth living. The book and its community are part of our organization, United Suicide Survivors International.

We have gathered stories written by men about men’s mental health and resilience. From our market research we learned that men really want to hear stories from other men about the struggles they have faced and how they have overcome them and also to find tools they can use that have been shown to work.

You can learn more about the three volumes at the Guts, Grit, & the Grind website.

“One of the really greatest things we can do is give space for someone to talk about themselves because listening is the greatest gift…”

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In Honor of Diana Cortez Yañez